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1. Consent; 隐私政策. 您使用本网站即表示您承认并接受本网站所载的条款和条件. 如果您不同意这些使用条款和条件, 您不得进入或以其他方式使用本网站.

请参阅威廉希尔买球app 网站私隐政策 查阅有关社会医学会收集和使用非公开个人信息的做法摘要.  通过使用本网站,您同意威廉希尔买球app收集和使用本网站所述的个人数据.

2. 协议的修改. 威廉希尔买球app may amend this 协议 at any time by posting the amended terms on the 网站. 您在本协议修订内容发布后使用本网站,即表示您接受本协议, 作为修改后的. 除非您和威廉希尔买球app签署书面协议,否则不得以其他方式修改本协议.

3. 使用本网站的限制. 威廉希尔买球app授予您有限的, 非排他的 and revocable 许可证 to access and use the 网站, 包括内容, 严格按照这些使用条款, 并且威廉希尔买球app始终保留撤销此许可并阻止您访问本网站的权利. 除非本使用条款明确允许,否则您同意不对内容进行任何使用. You may download and 复制 内容 onto a single personal computer for your one-time, 非商业用途, and you may not incorporate such 内容 into a database or archive. You agree that you will not use the 网站 to 传输 identical or substantially identical electronic mail or messages to more than one person and will not use any 内容 to facilitate any type of bulk commercial mailing.

4. 您提供的内容. 在允许您上传内容或与本网站或通过本网站进行通信的范围内, 您同意您不会提供任何内容, 不得向本网站或通过本网站传输任何材料, 这是诽谤, 诽谤的, 虐待, 亵渎, 威胁, 进攻, 反竞争, or otherwise violative of any applicable law; that is protected by 复制right without the permission of the 复制right owner; that would infringe upon the trademark rights of the owners of such marks without the permission of such owners; or that contains confidential 信息 or any 信息 that would infringe upon the proprietary, 他人的隐私或个人权利. By providing any 内容 or 传输ting any material to or through the 网站, you warrant and represent that such 内容 and your transmission thereof does not violate any applicable law or the rights of any other person or entity.

5. 使用讨论组. You agree that any online discussion forums and/or listservs made available on the 网站 are for the exclusive use of 威廉希尔买球app member company employees. 通过访问任何此类讨论论坛和/或列表服务器, you represent that you are an employee in good standing of a 威廉希尔买球app member company and agree that you will only use such discussion forums and/or listservs for the purpose of discussing matters related to or arising out of the industry/profession represented by 威廉希尔买球app. All discussion forums and/or listservs provided on the 网站 are 服务 provided by 威廉希尔买球app in furtherance of its nonprofit and tax exempt purposes. You agree that all postings to such discussion forums and/or listservs constitute 内容 and 通信 (as defined below) and are subject to all the terms, 条件, 以及本协议的限制. You agree that all postings to such discussion forums and/or listservs shall be of an 信息al nature and for 信息al purposes only. 禁止将此类论坛和/或列表用于商业用途或任何其他未经授权的用途. You agree to not use such discussion forums and/or listservs to conduct business, including the direct or indirect marketing of users’ 产品 or 服务, 以任何方式. You agree to not use such discussion forums and/or listservs to provide 信息, 材料, 产品, 或服务,以换取任何形式的补偿.

6. 目录的使用. 您同意威廉希尔买球app的在线会员目录(“目录“)应使用个人, 仅供个人及机密参考之用, and may be used only pursuant to the terms of this 协议. You agree that the 目录 and all 内容s thereof are proprietary 产品 of 威廉希尔买球app. You agree that the 内容s of the 目录 is the intellectual property of 威廉希尔买球app, 也可能不是, 全部地或部分地, be 繁殖d; copied; disseminated; entered into a computer database; used as part of or in connection with the preparation, 邮件的修改或确认, 电话, 传真, email, or other marketing list; or otherwise utilized, 以任何形式或方式或通过任何手段, 除了用户个人, 个人及保密参考资料. 目录中包含的是名称, 地址, 电话号码, 传真号, email地址, 协会会员的联系人, which are updated weekly by 威廉希尔买球app via an automated data upload process. Their presence in this 目录 represents only that these companies, 组织, 机构, or individuals are members in good standing of 威廉希尔买球app; it does not represent their consent to receive any marketing or related communications. 为免生疑问且不影响本协议中威廉希尔买球app的任何其他免责声明, 威廉希尔买球app does not endorse these members and makes no representations, 保证或保证, 不承担任何责任, 这些成员提供的产品或服务. 为免生疑问且不影响本协议中威廉希尔买球app的任何其他免责声明, 威廉希尔买球app expressly dis索赔 all liability for 损害赔偿 of any kind arising out of the use or performance of 这些成员提供的产品或服务.

7. 反垄断的限制. 您同意本网站, 包括其上的任何讨论论坛和/或列表服务, shall not be utilized 以任何方式 that violates federal or state antitrust laws or other laws prohibiting 反竞争 practices. The antitrust laws generally prohibit any agreement or understanding inconsistent with the right and obligation of competitors to exercise independent business judgment in pricing their 产品 or 服务, 与客户和供应商打交道, 选择参与竞争的市场. No express agreement or understanding is required; one can be inferred from 语句 or conduct. You agree to not provide any 内容 regarding specific prices or fees charged or paid, 不提供任何有关价格的内容, 定价实践, 折扣, or other terms or 条件 of sale either obtained by or offered to another entity. 您进一步同意不提供包含任何有关市场份额信息的任何内容, 工资, 成本, 销售地区, 利润率, or that encourages the selection or rejection of customers or suppliers.

8. 第三方内容.某些内容, 包括通讯(定义如下), 本网站的资料由第三方提供, 威廉希尔买球app也没有定期审查, 就第三方来源提供的内容批准或行使任何编辑判断. 然而, 威廉希尔买球app保留权利, 但是没有义务, 检查和删除, 自行决定, 第三方提供的任何内容.

9. 与网站的沟通. 通过留言, 发送email, 上传文件, 或向本网站输入资料, including by using any discussion forums and/or listservs available on the 网站, or by communicating with other users or persons via the 网站, or by otherwise providing any 内容 (individually or collectively “通信”), 特此授予威廉希尔买球app永久, 在世界范围内, 不可撤销的, 不受限制的, 非排他的, 免版税许可使用, 复制, 许可证, 有偿, 适应, 分发, 显示, 公开执行, 繁殖, 传输, 修改, 编辑或以其他方式利用这些通讯, 在现在已知的或将来开发的所有媒介中. 您在此放弃就任何指控或实际侵犯任何专有权利向威廉希尔买球app索赔的所有权利, 隐私权和公开权, 道德上的权利, and rights of attribution in connection with 通信.

10. 知识产权. 这个网站, 包括内容 and the overall “look and feel” of the 网站, 属于威廉希尔买球app或其许可方所有, 受版权保护, trademark and other intellectual property laws of the United States and other countries as well as by international treaties and conventions. 这个网站 is further protected as a collective work and/or compilation under U.S. 版权和其他法律、条约和公约. 您同意遵守所有适用的版权, 商标和其他知识产权法律以及所有附加的版权和商标声明, 信息, 以及任何内容中包含的限制. 任何复制, 重传, 或转载内容是明确禁止的, 除非威廉希尔买球app或材料的版权所有者事先明确授予其书面同意进行复制, 重新发送, 或重新发布内容.

11. 免责保证. 该网站,包括所有内容,都是“按原样”提供的.社会保险公司及其子公司, 关联公司和许可方, 和他们的军官, 董事, 员工(总的来说), “社会主义政党”), MAKE NO REPRESENTATION OR WARRANTIES OF ANY KIND WHATSOEVER, 明示或暗示, 至于场地, 包括内容, 至于超文本链接到第三方, 或与通过本网站或任何链接网站传输敏感信息相关的安全. 进一步, Socma不承担任何明示或暗示的保证, 包括质量保证, 精度, 及时性, 持续可用性, 网站的完整性或不侵权, 包括内容, NOR ARE THERE ANY WARRANTIES OF MERCHANTABILITY OR FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. THE 威廉希尔买球app PARTIES HAVE NO RESPONSIBILITY TO MAINTAIN THE SITE, 包括内容, 或者提供任何更正, 更新, 或与之相关的释放. 社会团体不保证该网站, 包括内容, 是不间断的还是没有错误的, 缺陷将被纠正, 该网站或其托管的服务器没有病毒或其他有害组件,或者该网站, 包括内容, 是否与您的设备兼容. AVAILABILITY OF THE SITE IS SUBJECT TO CHANGE WITHOUT NOTICE.

** 威廉希尔买球app博客免责声明:威廉希尔买球app博客的特色评论和见解来自各种批量化工行业专家. The opinions expressed by guest bloggers and those providing comments are theirs alone, 并不一定反映社会医学会的观点.

**威廉希尔买球app市场 Disclaimer:  威廉希尔买球app is not responsible for and does not control the 内容 显示ed by third parties in 威廉希尔买球app市场. 威廉希尔买球app也不认可或推荐这些产品, 服务, or advice of third parties appearing in 威廉希尔买球app市场.

12. 责任限制. 在适用法律允许的最大范围内, 在任何情况下,社会对你方或第三方的质量不承担任何责任, 精度, 及时性, 站点的持续可用性或完整性, 包括内容. 在适用法律允许的最大范围内, 在任何情况下,社会都不承担任何间接责任, 特殊的, 偶然的, 重要的, 您可能因使用本网站而招致或产生的惩罚性或惩戒性损害赔偿, 包括内容, 包括利润损失和收入损失, EVEN IF 威廉希尔买球app HAS BEEN ADVISED OF THE POSSIBILITY OF SUCH DAMAGES. Applicable law may not allow the limitation or exclusion of liability for incidental, 重要的, 特殊的, punitive or exemplary 损害赔偿 or the exclusion of implied warranties. In such jurisdictions, 威廉希尔买球app’s liability is limited to the greatest extent permitted by law.

13. 权利保留. 威廉希尔买球app在任何时候都对网站上提供的内容拥有完全的编辑控制自由. 威廉希尔买球app保留权利, 在任何时候都可以自行决定, to change the 内容 of the 网站 and to discontinue or change any aspect of the 网站. 威廉希尔买球app may also restrict your access to parts or all of the 网站 without notice or liability.

实际或企图未经授权使用本网站可能导致刑事和/或民事起诉.  威廉希尔买球app保留查看的权利, 监控, and record activity on the 网站 without notice or permission from You.  通过监控获得的任何信息, 回顾, or recording is subject to review by law enforcement 组织 in connection with the investigation or prosecution of possible criminal activity on the 网站.  威廉希尔买球app will also comply with all court orders involving requests for such 信息.

Your use of certain portions of this 网站 may require a password.  Anyone with knowledge of Your password can gain access to the restricted portions of this 网站 and the 信息 available to You.  因此,您必须对您的密码保密.  同意这些条款和条件, 您同意对您各自密码的保密和使用负全部责任, as well as for any communications entered through the 网站 using Your password.  You must also immediately notify 威廉希尔买球app if You become aware of any loss or theft of Your password or any unauthorized use of Your password.  威廉希尔买球app保留权利 to delete or change a password at any time and for any reason.

14. 没有第三方网站的赞助. 本网站可能包含指向某些由第三方赞助和维护的互联网网站的链接. 威廉希尔买球app is providing such links solely as a convenience to you. 威廉希尔买球app makes no representations concerning the 内容 of those sites. The fact that 威廉希尔买球app has provided a link to a site does not constitute an endorsement, 授权, 赞助, 或与威廉希尔买球app就该网站的关联关系, 它的主人, 或者它的提供者.

15. 赔偿. 您特此同意, 自费, 赔偿, 为社会主义社会主义政党辩护并使其免受伤害, 承保一切损失, 负债, 判断, 定居点, 损害赔偿, 仲裁裁决及诉讼费和费用, 包括律师费和支出(统称), “损失”), 由诉讼引起的, 行动, 索赔, 要求或类似程序, 无论是实际的还是受到威胁的, “诉讼”) based on or relating to: (a) any breach of this 协议 or the representations, 本协议的保证和承诺, either by you or any persons using your computer; (b) your use of the 网站 or a third party’s use of the 网站 through your computer; or (c) any 内容 you contribute to the 网站. You agree to cooperate as fully as reasonably required in the defense of any claim. 威廉希尔买球app保留权利, 自费, to assume the exclusive defense and control of any matter otherwise subject to indemnification by you and you shall not in any event settle any matter without the written consent of 威廉希尔买球app.

16. 终止. 您或威廉希尔买球app均可随时有理由或无理由终止本协议,并立即生效. 您可以通过停止使用本网站和销毁从本网站获得的所有材料来终止本协议. This 协议 will terminate immediately without notice from 威廉希尔买球app if you, 由威廉希尔买球app自行决定, 未能遵守本协议的任何条款. Upon termination by you or upon notice of termination by 威廉希尔买球app, 您必须立即销毁从本网站获得的所有材料及其任何副本,并停止使用本网站. 部分9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, and 19 of this 协议 shall survive any termination of this 协议.

17. 适用的法律. 本协议受纽约州法律管辖,但不考虑法律冲突原则.

18. 纠纷. You agree to submit to the jurisdiction of the state and federal courts having jurisdiction in New York County in the State of New York in respect of litigation arising out of this 协议, waiving all affirmative and legal defenses in respect of jurisdiction, 论坛及地点.

This 网站 is controlled and operated by 威廉希尔买球app from its offices within the United States.  威廉希尔买球app不表示网站上的材料适合或可用于其他地方, 禁止从本网站任何内容为非法的地区访问这些网站.   如果您选择从其他位置访问本网站, 您这样做是出于您自己的意愿,并有责任遵守任何适用的当地法律.

19. 杂项. 根据适用法律,本协议任何条款的任何部分无效或不可执行, said part shall be ineffective to the extent of such invalidity or unenforceability only, 不以任何方式影响上述条款的其余部分或上述协议的其余条款. 任何一方均不得迟延或未行使本协议项下授予的任何权利, 或在法律或衡平法上可用, 应被解释为放弃该权利. 所有此类豁免必须以书面形式提出, and shall constitute a waiver with respect to the specific matter described in such writing and shall in no way impair the rights of such party in any other respect or at any other time. This 协议 sets forth the entire agreement and understanding between the parties as to the subject matter hereof and merges and supersedes all prior discussions, agreements and understandings of any kind and every nature between the parties.  就本协议而言, (i) words in the singular shall be held to include the plural and vice versa and words of one gender shall be held to include the other gender as the context requires, (ii)本协议中使用的“包括”及类似含义的词语系指“包括”, 但不限于,” unless the context otherwise requires or unless otherwise specified, (iii)“或”一词不应具有排他性.

20. Notice and Procedure for Making Claims of Copyright Infringement. 如果你认为你的作品被以侵犯版权的方式复制, please provide 威廉希尔买球app’s 复制right agent the written 信息 specified below. Please note that this procedure is exclusively for notifying 威廉希尔买球app and its affiliates that your 复制righted material has been infringed.

(b) A description of the 复制righted work that you claim has been infringed upon;
(c) A description of where the material that you claim is infringing is located on the 网站,
(e)您真诚地相信有争议的使用未经版权所有者授权的声明, 其代理人, 或者法律;
(f)你的声明, 因作伪证而受罚, that the above 信息 in your notice is accurate and that you are the 复制right owner or authorized to act on the 复制right owner’s behalf.


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